Friday, April 26, 2013

Message from Earthjustice - Endangered Manatees

David Guest, managing attorney for EarthJustice, reports that record numbers of endangered manatees are dying in Florida’s algae-choked waterways—with as many as 10 deaths each day.

More than 463 endangered manatees have died this year alone, he says. And the number is quickly rising.Yet the state of Florida and the Environmental Protection Agency recently decided to approve dangerous loopholes in the region and allow more toxic pollution that is putting this gentle species’ very survival at risk.

This alarming number of manatee deaths is linked to toxic algae from sewage, manure, and fertilizer pollution. Yet, in an astonishing move, Florida and the Environmental Protection Agency—the very agency that is charged with protecting wildlife and their essential habitat—are siding with polluters and agro-businesses and putting profits over protections.
As the managing attorney of Earthjustice’s Florida office, David Guest says he will not stand by and watch this tragedy continue.

If you love manatees and would like to help, here's the information for making a donation:

To donate by phone, please call toll-free 1-800-584-6460, 9:00-5:00 PST.

Here's a poem I wrote about manatees:

Down to the River

Sun-cast water, glistening over mud and stones,
calls to mind a memory long forgotten,
of secrets kept and sacred treasures hidden
in a world of melody and tide beneath the surface.

When I go down into that clear and sparkling place,
where river pleasures beckon, washed in jeweled light,
the manatees will remember me and call my name,
and my heartbeat softly echo vaporous lullabies.

Copyright - Ramey Channell 2012 all rights reserved


Joanne Cage said...

This is such a beautiful poem. You must start coming to the LAC readings.

Joanne Cage said...

Everybody always asks why you're not there.