Monday, March 18, 2013

What Did You Dream Last Night II

It's dream time again! Our first What Did You Dream post was in June of 2012 (See below) Surely we've all had some dreams-worth-telling-about since then!

Last June I dreamed about a wooden leg.
Last night I dreamed about Robert Redford.
Actually, I dream about Bob frequently, so it was no big surprise seeing him last night in Dreamtime. We were among a crowd of people attending some sort of festive gala in a dreary cement underground hotel lobby/restaurant place. I had forgotten to get dressed and was wearing a nightgown and housecoat, which was also no surprise, but put me in a peevish mood. Robert didn't seem to mind. He was in love with me, and when he saw me sauntering toward him, he perfectly beamed with joy! We got into a car and drove along some streets that were almost wide enough for the car, but not quite, scraping along people's houses and fences and squeezing the car through narrow muddy roads, until we reached "my front yard." It's a place I frequently dream about as "my front yard," but it doesn't look like any yard I've seen anywhere except in Dreamtime. I sat under a huge tree and immediately discerned that there were three plump very large adorable animals up in the tree. At first I thought they were very large rabbits, but they weren't.
    "What are those animals?" I asked, in awe of how big and fluffy they were.
    "Goats." Robert answered in his characteristically terse manner.

And he was right. I coaxed the fat fluffy goats to come down out of the tree, and they were marvelously sweet and cuddly!  What could possibly be a more delightful surprise than finding cuddly fat goats in a tree in "my front yard?"

I got all three goats on my lap and in my arms, and that was the end of the dream.

So, what did you dream last night?


Joanne Cage said...

Cool! That's way yonder better than my dream about a dinosaur in my front yard--I picked up a fallen tree and ran him off with it.

I mean, even aside from the delightful goats, you were with old Bob, too. Cool.

Ramey Channell said...

Dinosaurs and goats. Our psyches are inhabited by fabulous beasties!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

That cute little goat AND Robert Redford. Now that was a dream I honestly don't remember what I dreamed last night. Maybe I'll remember tonight's dream.

Fran said...

What could possibly be a more delightful surprise than finding cuddly fat goats in a tree in "my front yard?" Maybe: "finding a new born fluffy duckling in your front yard" as I once have found!:):)

Hope you will have many such funny dreams!