Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Jack Russell Terrier By Any Other Name

Looook, it's my dog! Don't you all wish you had a fearless Snorticuss like mine? Just where do Snorticusses come from? This one came out of the woods behind my house, and she said her name is Gretchen; but I know a fearless Snorticuss when I see one. So, you've never seen a green-eyed dog? Snorticusses always have green eyes. Don't they, Gretchen?
Well, I knew it was a Snorticuss, the first time that I saw it!


Joanne Ramey Cage said...

You are a lucky daughter-of-a-gun! I wanted a Snorticuss all my younger life (don't really want one now). I used to think I saw them in the bushes, and in the leaves of trees, but none ever materialized. There was a TV show with a JRT named "Wishbone," but he wasn't a real Snorticuss like Gretchen. I lllooove that little girl!

buffy said...

Y'all are hilarious. I'm glad I didn't get that Ramey weirdo gene that y'all got.

Dobby Mauby said...

I must say, that would be a scary thing to encounter in the dark. I hope it came out of the woods in the daytime.

Uncle Dobby

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Well, I wrote a comment but it didn't post and now it's gone.