Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

So here we are, 2009! The best thing so far is, we have a new Pres!
What else? It feels like a new lease on life.

Meanwhile, Gretchen the dog, has a new leash on life. She's at the vet, getting a bath!

I'm contemplating transforming myself into Buddy Holly. We'll see how it goes. Actually, I won't really transform myself into B.H., I just plan to sing a Buddy Holly song in public, with accomplices. More about that later.

Things to Watch For Here at The Painted Possum !

Soon I'll be posting examples of portraits and other artwork I have recently completed, poems, short stories and highly entertaining illogical thoughts, and, oh yes, snapshots of me and my musical group The Crazy Little Mamas performing a Buddy Holly song ... in public!


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I have some old black glasses if you need them!