Monday, February 6, 2012

Peter Matthiessen

Here's a marvelous picture of Peter Matthiessen, a fabulous writer, author of many, many books worth reading. Born in New York City in 1927, he was a founder of The Paris Review in 1950.

I first became acquainted with this author when I read his stellar book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, a look at the events surrounding the arrest and incarceration of American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, and chronicling the tumultuous history between the Sioux and the United States Government.
A lawsuit against the author and Viking Press by Bill Janklow, the former governor of South Dakota, kept the book from being sold to the public for eight years after its publication. The court ruled in favor of the author and the publisher.

Other notable books written by Mr. Matthiessen include At Play in the Fields of the Lord, The Tree Where Man Was Born, The Snow Leopard, Killing Mr. Watson, Indian Country, African Silences, Shadow Country, and many more.

An interview with Peter Matthiessen discussing his book, Shadow Country, can be found at


Joanne Cage said...

I loved Snow Leopard, and Crazy Horse. One of my favorite writers.

Joanne Cage said...

I also love At Play in the Fields of the Lord. An amazing novel.

Carol Apple said...

Sounds like an interesting author. Getting sued by the governor of a state sounds like a terrible thing for a writer. I am curious to find out more about that lawsuit. Nice blog!