Thursday, September 10, 2009

Learning to Count

©Ramey Channell 2009

Learning to Count

Learning to count, one, two, three,
Counting my fingers is easy for me.

Learning to count, four, five, six,
Sometimes slow, and sometimes quick!

Counting each number, seven, eight, nine,
Just look at these fingers! They're all mine!

Learning to count, I finish with ten.
Then I start over and count them again!


Post your bids in Comments! said...

The picture and the poem are just absolutely precious! You know, it's the world's loss, that you don't have some publisher nagging at you all the time for great books for little kids, big kids, and all the other kinds of folks.

Post your bids in Comments! said...

I wish they'd quit changing things. It was Joanne R. Cage, that is me, who posted the above.

Ramey Channell said...

Dear Ms. Post Your Bids,
Thanks for that comment! And thanks for the compliment.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love that sweet picture and poem, little sis.
BTW, I just noticed that you left a comment on my friend Kai's blog. I'm glad you found her. She's a Comanche, you know. And a cousin (several times removed, I guess) to the famous Quanah. She's also an excellent woman and a sweet friend.