Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Evergreen, the Beautiful Witch of Moonlight Ridge

The first printing of The Witches of Moonlight Ridge is all sold out. Second printing is here, just in time for holiday gifting. An added feature: a beautiful photo of our mysterious Evergreen, AKA Bessie Penny, thanks to the Hugh Mangum Collection and the generosity of the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University.

Here's my poem about the beautiful witch of Moonlight Ridge.

Rain Crow
At times she wondered how it all would end
even after she must have known it was ended.
Sometimes when the wind blew, bringing rain again,
she cast her dreams aside and flew herself away.
Some say she lived alone against the dark side of the mountain,
some say her madness came from what she knew of flying.
But she always cried before the rain began,
from the darkness and the broken heart and the fever of dying.
I heard the rain crow just before a cold rain swept
down from shadows and across the cold grey morning.
A chill was in the air and the rain crow’s song sailed,
lost and lonely and full of old dreams like a bird’s wings
touched by mist and magic and dark dreams folding.
Some say she kept her secrets, alone across the forest flying.
Some say she calls the rain, she calls the rain,
from her own soul to cool the madness and the fever of living.
© Ramey Channell 2017

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Shakespeare, Witches, Capricious Canines, Unconventional School Teachers, Ruby Earrings, and Crows

The whole town's talking about those "wayward sisters" up on Moonlight Ridge! But our favorite 4th grade school teacher, a young man named Erskine Batson, gets his fair share of adulation and attention.

What's Erskine's secret for capturing the hearts of readers, students, and one mysterious lady on Moonlight Ridge?

Erskine Batson . . .
 "with one year of college under his belt, the mystifying habit of walking around in the woods cussing and reciting poetry, and every day free to do as he pleased, except Saturdays when he drove the worse-for-wear Eden garbage truck" . . . is a true Renaissance Man.

You can learn all about our unconventional 4th grade teacher, and plenty of other mysteries on the mountain, in The Witches of Moonlight Ridge

And what about that dog?