Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Celebrating National Poetry Month

Thanks to Barry Marks for allowing me to post this amazing poem. One of my favorites.

I Stop to Ponder the Stentorian Colors of the Day
by Barry Marks

The railing down from the deck
to the garbage cans was wobbly and
since you left I’ve certainly had
time on my hands,
so I unretired my rusty box saw,
found an old two-by-four
and some three penny nails,
and got to work.

A dog was barking, yelling his name
at the dog next door
Big Dog Who Swims! Big Dog Who Swims!
To which his neighbor barked back,
Dog Who Hates Cats! and
some nearby mutt yapped
Mama’s Favorite! Mama’s Favorite!

A cardinal was shouting
Beauty! A mockingbird said
the same, of course.

A chameleon shot out of the hedge,
stopped by my foot, and turning from green
to almost-brown, sneered
You can’t see me then skittered off.

The sky was whispering until
I looked up and it screamed,
to which the grass responded,
Joy is fragile!

And the saw
sang in my hands
and the wood?
Come on, now. An old two-by-four
with a bent nail in its heart?
Everyone knows dead wood
has nothing to say.


Joanne Cage said...

Thanks for posting this. I love Barry's poems.

Ramey Channell said...

Thanks, Joanne. This poem stays with me, lingers in my mind.