Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Tag Party

A special thanks to KC Sprayberry for hosting a Blog Tag Party. This is such a great way to meet other writers and new friends. KC's blog, Out of Control Characters,  can be found at  http://outofcontrolcharacters.blogspot.com/

KC asked us to let others know what we are currently working on. I'm currently working on two exciting projects.

First, I'm writing the second book of the four volume Moonlight Ridge Series.

The four books in the series follow the seasons of the year, and this second one I'm currently working on is set in the beautiful backwoods of Alabama in autumn. You'll want to read the first book first, which tells the story of two children and their summer adventures in a magical world called Moonlight Ridge.

My Moonlight Ridge Series is very definitely Southern fiction. It's published as adult Southern genre, but crosses over as YA fiction as well. Young people of all ages love Lily Claire, Willie T., and all their peculiar relatives and neighbors. Magic wands, friendly animals, singing possums and mysteries on the mountain are just a few of the unusual attractions.
Which actors would I choose to play my characters in a movie rendition? I've thought about this a lot! Because the main two characters are 8 year-old children, I believe there would have to be a talent search across the South to find two talented youngsters for those parts. And just maybe, now that we've seen his stellar performance in the Hatfields and McCoys saga, we could get Kevin Costner to play Granddaddy W.T. Greenberry. That's for the already published Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge. For the "work in progress," we'll need a beautiful dark haired young lady to play the mysterious apparition that Lily Claire and Willie T. discover haunting the ruins of a 19th century landmark near their home.

My second Work In Progress is a YA supernatural mystery, with the working title Lovely, Dark and Deep. The first chapter won an award from Alabama Writers Conclave. The main character is a teen age girl who lives in a rural setting where mysterious events and night-time intrigue lure her into the woods at night.  It's about dreams, a young girls attempts to figure out the meaning of her dreams, and a cute boy named Buddy who may not be as simple as he seems.

 If you're visiting from the Blog Tag Party, please leave a comment. Happy blogging!


Smoky said...

I'm not part of the blog tag party, but I'll leave a comment anyway. I'm looking forward to the second Moonlight Ridge book; I love Lily Claire and Wily T. As for the search for an actress to play the apparition: My daughter, while blonde, is a talented actor, and is willing to dye her hair for a role! She also has been known to don a wig. ;-)

KC Sprayberry said...

Wow! You have my interest. I love good Southern fiction.

Ramey Channell said...
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Ramey Channell said...

Smoky and KC, thanks for the comments!
Smoky, Your beautiful daughter could be Lily Claire's young mom, or Amanda Marilla Greenberry as a young girl! Better yet, Estaleen! I love Estaleen.

Ramey Channell said...

Oops! I got Granma's name wrong. It's Ianthe Marilla Greenberry.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.