Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Balls of Fire

My daughter Buffy journeyed to Memphis, Tennessee, braving tornadoes, torrential rain and hazardous flooding, to attend the Beale Street Music Festival.
And who do you think she saw? The Killer, himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. Since I didn't accompany her on this adventure, I must experience the thrills vicariously

Here's Jerry Lee in a remarkable performance of Great Balls of Fire in about 1957. I love his hair!

One of my favorite TV memories is a Jery Lee performance I was lucky enough to see as a child, and I've never forgotten my astonished glee. It was the Steve Allen Show, and The Killer was singing Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, and there was a WHOLE LOT of shakin' goin on! The host of the show, Steve Allen, apparently got so enthused over the song, after Jerry Lee kicked the piano stool across the stage, Allen began throwing chairs and other objects back toward the performer.

While searching for a recording of this event, I discovered two different occasions, both on The Steve Allen Show, in which flying objects are seen zooming across the stage.


Now, that's entertainment!


Joanne Cage! said...

I love Jerry Lee! Wonder how he made his hair stand straight up. One of my favorite movies is "Great Balls of Fire--" Dennis Quaid was a great Jerry Lee.

buffy said...

The Killer was rather sedate on this particular occasion, but the music was just as good. I would have liked to see him kick his piano stool out from under himself and th'o his leg up on the piano. "Angland can kiss ma ass."

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I remember that show too. The Steve Allen Show was one of the best shows in the history of tv.
Buffy: He was sedate because he's OLD!