Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did Somebody Grease My Calendar?

Look, now I've missed April Fool's Day. What fool would miss April Fool's Day? Is time really going faster and faster, or is it just me?

So, the time has come to make an announcement! My book, my long-awaited book, Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge, is due to come out around the first of May (of this year!) published by Chalet Publishers. It will be available in paperback, Kindle and ebook format! What a perfect time of year for this story!

It's about POSSUMS:

and OWLS:

and the wild shenanigans of a couple of intrepid children in the woods of Dunnavant, Alabama!

So, stay tuned for further information about upcoming booksignings and appearances, and how to find the book on your Kindle, download it as an ebook, or purchase a paperback copy, signed by the author.

Check out Chalet Publishers at


buffy said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to get my signed copy.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Look at them possums! Too cute. All kinds of good family news this week. Caitlin was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award for The Red Tree. But I can't tell anybody yet. And your book's out in May. Makes me think I need to do something besides work on this monster of a house! Congrats again--and again and again.

Ramey Channell said...

Well, you just told the whole world what you can't tell anybody yet! Too late!

Joanne Cage! said...

Many more! Now's the time to get to work on your next one. I'm so proud of you, I could bust! But I won't.

JD Atlanta said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Let me know when it's ready to order, and I'll spam the heck out of it on my blog and Facebook!