Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shelter Box - Innovative Help for Haiti

Just this morning I heard an encouraging interview on NPR radio with the founder of Shelter Box, an organization providing aid to people in the midst of crisis and devastation, now delivering shipments to Haiti.
ShelterBox was founded by Tom Henderson, a Rotarian and former Royal Navy search and rescue diver.

It was wonderful hearing founder, Tom Henderson, describe the contents of the boxes his group ships to disaster areas. Some of the contents include a 10-person tent, blankets, toolbox, hammers, nails, saws, small stove, pencils and color books for children.
Follow the link below to learn more about this organization and how your donation can help victims of Haiti's tragedy.
Mr. Henderson said his group was rallying support for Haitians within 12 minutes after hearing of the disaster, and continue sending their boxes as rapidly as possible.
Also, I have just learned that there is a form available from IRS explaining how contributions to aid Haitians may be deductible on your taxes this year.
Shelter Box gets my vote of support for their most efficient and compassionate work.

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Joanne Cage! said...

In the way of contributions, I've just been adding a bit to purchases I've made that offer that option. But this is a very interesting contribution site.