Monday, November 16, 2009

Wolf 527

She was known as 527, but she was much more than a number. She was one of Yellowstone’s beloved wolves.

Wolf 527, pictured above, was beloved by wolf-watchers and wildlife biologists who chronicled her courageous life. Sadly, she was also one of the first wolves killed in October -- during Montana's first wolf hunt in modern times.

As a leader of the Cottonwood pack, 527 was known to be a master of survival strategies. For years, the movements of some of the members of this Yellowstone pack have been monitored by biologists and wolf-watchers equipped with radio tracking devices and powerful spotting scopes. As one of these wolf-watchers reported in the obituary, despite 527's "unbelievable survival strategies," this resilient wolf "was not able to outthink a rifle" and was killed on October 3 when Montana initiated its first public wolf hunt in modern times.

Since the public hunts began, 156 wolves in the Northern Rockies have been killed, and over the next year, more than 500 wolves could be shot to death by hunters and government agents ... reducing the region's wolf population by 40 percent.

If you want to speak out to save the hundreds of wolves in Greater Yellowstone, and beyond, that remain in mortal danger, go to this website and send a message to end the wolf slaughter.


Joanne said...

I get emails from NRDC/Robert Redford, and others, about conservation issues, and have protested the killing of the wolves. I really love wolves and feel so sorry for them. They always look like they want to "come in from the cold" and be pets.

Sight Seer said...

I hate to hear about the wolves having trouble in Yellowstone. I had the pleasure of seeing one that was tagged while riding my motorcycle through the park. More info about Yellowstone at

Fran said...

How sad for all these wolves, it are such a beautiful animals!
They kill with the excuse that there are too many.
There live also too many poeple on our planet: don't we have all the luck?
I still can't understand that there are people who can have pleasure in killing animals. Animals may live by the grace of people.
I wish you success with your action!