Sunday, May 3, 2009

Derby Day Delight

I hope EVERYONE watched the Kentucky Derby yesterday. I'm still dancing a jig over the winner with the funny name, Mine That Bird. What a beautiful horse, and what a stunning victory! With odds of 50 - 1, seems nobody saw it coming. But that horse made it look so easy, winning by 6 3/4-lengths.

And that jockey! Have you ever seen anyone so happy? And he seemed to bear an uncanny resemblance to Red Pollard, who rode the most famous equine ever, Seabiscuit.

You can go here to watch a replay of yesterday's amazing Mine That Bird victory.

Other Derby info: My daughter, India, was born on Monday after Derby Week-end, so now her birthday is always on or near Derby Day. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating her delightful arrival on this planet. Here she is, as cute as she can be, and grinning like a possum, of course. India's paternal grandmother, known to all as Peanut, was a native Kentuckian and lived in Louisville, Kentucky. What a very beautiful, pleasant place!

We had a hard time picking a name when India was born, because (1) the doctor said we were having a boy, (2) a close relative had just given birth to a daughter and used all three girl names we liked, and (3) my best friend Phil Mitchell wanted me to name her Jump Sturdy, a name from a Dr. John song! So we elected to name our little sweetie India from the book Gone With the Wind. A good Southern name for a beautiful Southern belle.

I've tried to find Dr. John singing "Jump Sturdy" from his GRIS GRIS album, with no success. If anyone can find Jump Sturdy on YouTube, let me know. My best advice to everyone is, just buy the album. It's spectacular.


Joanne Ramey Cage said...

The Derby outcome was thrilling. I didn't have a real favorite, but felt bad for Larry Jones as his career has suffered from last year's tragedy, and both of the horses that he trained lost Saturday. He says he's retiring, but I hope he changes his mind. A great trainer.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

We watched the Derby and it was so much fun to see that horsey run in last place all the way around the track, then look like he had been shot out of a gun. Buggety buggety--zoom zoom zoom.
I thought the jockey looked a little like Red too. But I don't think Red was cajun. I just wish I'd had a grand on Mine That Bird's nose.
I kept thinking all day that it was either India's or Revena's b'day. I guess the 8th is Revena's then.