Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Delightful Man With a Funny Name

There's a book out there somewhere titled No, I Don't Want to Join a Bookclub. Though I haven't read it, I believe it's written by a middle-aged woman taking a stand against getting involved with all the fun stuff we get involved with as we mature.

Well, I am a member of a book club, I must admit. Called The Bookmarkers, we are twelve-or-so ladies who love to read good books, and we get together every so often to talk about the books we read. Now, doesn't that sound like fun? Everyone should join a bookclub; it's a brain-stretching activity.

The book we'll be reading next is Down the Garden Path by a fellow named Beverley Nichols.

Beverley Nichols was a multitalented British socialite who is apparently best remembered for his garden writings. Handsome, urbane, and possessed of a delightful sense of humor, Nichols has emerged as one of the most enduring garden writers of the previous century. He starred in movies in the 1920s, wrote music and songs for the theater, reported for newspapers, and wrote his own memoirs early on, plus numerous novels, mysteries, cat books, and biographies. Lucky for us, he loved plants, gardens, and the eccentric personalities associated with them.

Here's a wonderful Beverley Nichols website to click and view. Look at the Black Kitties!


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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

HE? Dang! I thought Beverley Nichols was a woman.